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Need space, need a guard furniture ...

The Self Service Container concept originated in the sixties and has since seen an enormous growth and popularity among small businesses and commercial users. Storage containers are rented out on a monthly basis and are locked and inaccessible to anyone but the renter. The renter installs his or her own lock and keeps the key. You have unlimited access within the facility with electronic access control, and may come and go as you please.

The main difference between conventional "self-storage" and Self Service Container Stockage is that the customer has direct outdoor access to their storage container, and can access it at no extra cost as often as they want without having to tell the guard at the storage site. No one have access to your unit. The container based Self Service Container Stockage sites within the EuroBox group aim to achieve a high level of convenience and security for the mainly commercial customers at an affordable price.
Move in and out by yourself or in cooperation with your removals service. Moving in is easy: You drive into the storage centre and place your goods directly in your container.

If you do not wish to transport your own goods, it may be wise to use a transportatin or a removal service. Call us, and we can advice on which companies to contact. For smaller transport, rent a van or a trailer. In this case too, we can advise on whom to contact.

EuroBox Self-storage: Practical, simple and secure.

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